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There can be no doubt that the world is filled with objects and artefacts of great value. For Billy Brisk, aspiring professional burglar, the world is exactly equally filled with opportunities for burglary.

Read about Billy Brisk and his greasy manager/fence Wally Bottle as they struggling against ‘the odds’ in the search for treasure and fame in this low fantasy comedy adventure.

The People's Necromancer


Necromancy is hated by most, if not all, of the population but Nikolai Burden believes with proper knowledge it can bring the world into a bright new era.



A comic about scientists and their assistants and what keeps them imprisoned.

Hot Bog Cold Sweat


A collection of strange absurd short comic stories

Cult Kid Degenerate


The Bullga'ar the Unspeakable Boys, a group of rowdy, violent teenage cultists struggle against the up and coming Tox The Plaguebreeder movement in a poor town that blurs the lines between pettiness and cosmic evil.

Permanent Art War


What happens when 'Shock of the New' meets 'The Warriors'? A warped Art History exists all at once inside of the sprawling, never ending metropolis of Big City as gangs and criminal organisations. Surrealist against Pop, Impressionist against Post-impressionist, Minimalist against Byzantine, brother against brother. The streets run cadmium red as the aesthetic ideologies of Art History battle for control.

Dapper Flaps


Dapper Flaps is a sporadically upadting collection of 'one 'n' done' humour comic strips. From the surreal and energetic to the POWERFULLY mundane, it has been described by readers as 'nice', 'HAHAHA' and 'bit hit and miss'

Gallery Alley


B.B, Noggy, Karl and Cap are four bohemian artists trying to scrape together a life in the extremely brutal and competitive 'Art World'. This is the first chapter.

Paranoia Peck


Paranoia Peck is a short, unfinished comic I started when I thought I had found a cheap way to print colour comics. It's about a man staying awake and regulating his life with pills as his life and reality crumble away. Surreal and colourful.



A surrealist tale of a man spending the rest of his life looking for mysteries to solve and the unhelpful inhabitants of the world he weaves around. What's a mystery?

The Opal Mountain


Duncan Dowding and his faithful echidna Pugs traverse a mythological colonial Australia in search of wealth, answers and adventure!

Crime Times


Dorigan and Vince are two rising criminals fighting through a chaotic world for money and power. Unshackled by morality and driven only by egoism, they seek their fortune through violence and trickery.



Marco Bombello is an ambitious young artist in 15th century Florence, Italy. Filled with ideals and brimming with flowery rhetoric he tries to make up for his lack of real talent and embed himself into Renaissance art history.